Re: Rokari and Magic

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 00:18:45 EET

Philip Hibbs, he ask:

> Does anyone have any clear ideas about the Rokari policy on teaching
> magic to non-Wizards?

David Hall's writeup of the Holy Church of Rokarism mentions that "All
the Rokari castes learn sorcery spells, as well as the Intensify skill.
Peasants and Knights may only learn those spells which specifically
apply to their caste functions." Later on, we find that "Only Wizards
may learn the more arcane aspects of sorcery."

So: Wizards will teach non-Wizards those spells which it is appropriate
for someone of the non-Wizard's caste to learn and cast. They will not
teach them any of the "more arcane arts" (including presumably higher
sorcerous arts/skills like Multispell, Range, Duration, etc.) unless
the student is a Wizard or a Lord. And they are crabby and grouchy, to
everyone, because Wizards always are, so you'll have a really hard time
convincing a Wizard that you rilly rilly need a Fireball spell to help
clear up the mess on the threshing floor after the harvest is in. Never
annoy a Wizard!

This should "translate" fairly well between different Sorcery rule
systems, including both RQ3 and Sandy's Magnificent New Sorcery System.

Rokari students of the Peasant caste aren't meant to be able to read
or write, BTW; I suppose a Peasant who was good at casting one of his
caste's spells would teach it to his sons and co-workers (in exchange
for beer, comradeship and recognition). You don't have to be a wizard
to teach a sorcery spell, after all: you only need skill in casting it
(90%+ in Sandy's system; unstated in RQ3, where the normal rule is that
you can teach anything you can do to anyone with a lower skill level).



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