Orlanthi and storms and Harmast

From: Jeff Richard (jrichard@cnw.com)
Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 00:53:35 EET

Vesa Lehtinen writes:
>However, I do not see why Orlanth-worshipers of any kind would be
>automatically _afraid_ of storms. Maybe a city matriach calls his
>Orlanth-husband to perform some rites so that the water (required by the
>crops IMO, fertility magic or not) does fall but the thunder and lightning

>do not cause any significant damage. (That=B4s why I also think that the
>mainly Orlanth Thunderous aspect is recognized in Esrolia.)=20

I don't buy the assertion that somehow Orlanth worshippers dig destructive
storms. 39 folk just died in Florida this week because of tornadoes. Huge

windstorms are terrifying - especially when accompanied by thunder and
lightning. Hail storms are the terror of farmers everywhere. You worship
Orlanth in part to propitiate such a powerful force or to use it against
your foes.

>Ahem... I do not think they would recognize _Harmast_ at all (male Ralian
>the last time I heard about it) but there is a possibility that they have
>their own "representative" doing the similar thing alongside him.

No. Harmast was a not a male Ralian - he was a Heortling. Believe me, the
Esrolians would definitely recognize Harmast and his activities. His
activities had a lot of direct impact on Esrolia.



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