Humakt and Healer.

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 01:10:27 EET

My own assumption is that loosing the ability to accept healing is an effect
of being tied *very strongly* to the Death Rune, so strongly that one's
natural affinity to the Life Rune begins to be lost. I would assume that
most Humakti aren't so strongly affected. Certainly most Initiates aren't.

A few Swords would be devout and dedicated enough to start to loose the
ability to be healed. It would take HeroQuesting (of either type) to make
you so totally at one with Death that Life began to vanish from your nature.


In my notes on HQ (a finished version Real Soon Now) I assumed that some
Runes are opposed to each other and that extreme devotion to one side of the
pair drives down the other side. This could only be overcome by those who
were Illuminated and could devote themselves to irreconcilable opposites

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