MOB's Glorantha Page - New Additions

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Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 07:57:53 EET

G'day all,
MOB's Glorantha Page - New Additions

I have just added a few new pages to MOB's Glorantha Page, all in the
Assorted Writings section.

Beyond the Building Wall scenario Errata
   Due to a production goof, this is material that was inadvertently
ommitted from Tales issue #13 (The West special). It includes the missing
NPC stats of the Capratis party and my original (and much clearer!) map of
the fort of Wyrms Hold.

Sun County - Errata and Gamemaster Notes for the River Ritual
   The errata corrects the inevitable typos and glitches that crept into the
AH publication despite our best intentions.
   The River Ritual of the Sun People is described on pp.40-41 of Sun
County. These GM notes were written by Troy Bankert and myself, and will be
of help if running the ritual, especially with non-Sun Domer PCs. I've also
included game stats for Kinope, the daughter of Zola Fel.

The Lunar Coders - Pendragon Pass personality traits
   As an aid to using the Lunar Coders in your gaming, I've written
Pendragon Pass-style personality traits for each character. These could be
kinda helpful if you meet them in a campaign, or want to run the Coders as
PCs. There's also a brief summary of who the heck the Lunar Coders are, if
you haven't meet them before.

You can find all this and more at MOB's Glorantha Page:

Cold Wind Over Sartar

Mikko Rintasaari asked whether full lyrics to the ballad "Cold Wind Over
Sartar" exists:

>The bit written on the Sun County supplement sounds great, and feels
>just right. Did you write a whole ballad MOB? Or shall I do it myself?

Yes, the complete lyrics exist; actually they were artfully adapted from a
RW folk original by John Hughes. The song in whole features in the "Rough
Guide to Boldhome" (2nd printing), available from Reaching Moon Megacorp.
There's also a bit on the Cold Wind, an underground movement who have sworn
to drive the Lunars out of Sartar.




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