Slasher movie humakti?

From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 10:30:36 EET

> We know that Humakt slaughtered the healers of Healer Valley, which is
> re-enacted in the outlawed Lead Cross heroquest. Does that help?

Excuse me? How do we "know" this? Whose campaign material is this
strange sounding HQ?

> Atone? Are you mad? That's the kind of thing Orlanth does, not Humakt.
> This is why Humakti sever their ties to their kin - so that their kin
> cannot be held accountable for their actions. This leads one to suspect
> that this is because their actions aren't the sort of thing innocent
> civilians are likely to want to be associated with.

Is somebody here forgetting the fact that Humakt was the god of truth and=
honor even before the coming of death. This is not a berserker cult, mayb=
you are thinking of Babeester Gor, or Zorak Zoran. Humakt severed himself
from his Storm God kin, because death needed to be in responsible hands.

(I hold on to the old version of the myth, where Orlanth does not steal
Death, but borrows it from Humakt. Humakt has no choice, because Orlanth
is his brother, and kin is everything in the Storm tribe. After the
severance Humakt is still Orlanth's companion, tough no longer kin.)

> A Humakti would say that all deaths are necessary. Death is absolute -
> eternal.

Er... no, I don't think so. Humakt is a part of the cycle of life and
death. Humakt=B4s Death serves life and maintains existance. Absolute,
eternal death sounds to me like complete destruction through chaos.=20

> I see you know of the Lead Cross quest, yet still come up with this. It
> amazes me. I can't see a self-respecting healer having anything to do
> with humakti by choice. They stand against everything Chalana Arroy
> teaches.
> Simon

Oh dear. Why is this beginning to sound like a 2000 AD comic. Tell me
Simon, if nothing but death means anything to the humakti, why was there

such a thing as the Household of Death, _defending_ Sartar?



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