Re: Humakti

From: David Weihe (
Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 18:41:21 EET

> From: Simon Hibbs <>
> Atone? Are you mad? That's the kind of thing Orlanth does, not Humakt.
> This is why Humakti sever their ties to their kin - so that their kin
> cannot be held accountable for their actions. This leads one to suspect
> that this is because their actions aren't the sort of thing innocent
> civilians are likely to want to be associated with.

Why would Humakti CARE if their blood-kin are held accountable for the
Humakti's actions? The Blow-Hards may say that this is the reason for

KinSevering, but no Humakti would. Kin is severed because such ties hold
the Humakti back from a total dependance upon himself and his god, and
because family feuds are seldom about killing the right people for the
right reasons.

Also, what makes you think that a clan wouldn't take revenge on the
Humakti's family, if they thought that the Humakt worshipper would feel
the wound? It is only the knowledge that it WOULDN'T matter that makes
it a waste of time and effort.

> I see you know of the Lead Cross quest, yet still come up with this. It
> amazes me. I can't see a self-respecting healer having anything to do
> with humakti by choice. They stand against everything Chalana Arroy
> teaches.

Yet there is a lot of evidence that they are found in Humakti company.
Perhaps you are looking at all Humakti as KoW Wolfpacks, but even the
infamous Old Carmanians seldom performed this Quest, and all modern
temples forbid it. Also, of course, as pacifists, CA don't have much
choice, since Pacifism can only exist where Pacifists aren't too easy
to prey upon.


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