Storms and thief gangs

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Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 22:35:22 EET

David Dunham and Jeff Richard have pointed out that my impression about
Harmast being Ralian is probably flawed. Quite possible. I stand corrected.

Jeff Richard
>I don't buy the assertion that somehow Orlanth worshippers dig destructive
        That's not exactly what I meant so allow me to clarify this a bit;
        IMO Orlanthi do not _love_ storms (No "Storm is coming ! Rejoice !
Rejoice!") but consider them as a part of the world, familiar phenomena.
Something to be expected - and prepared for. The whole clan does not panic
at once when there's stormfront coming. Clan leader may send somebody to
ask the priest what is the extent of the storm and does it concern them at
all. Priest of Orlanth Thunderous divines whether it is a mere torrent of
rain (meaning that most people retire indoors) or a thunderstorm (the same
response but probably=20
there is something wrong Up There). Only Elmali vows could prevent them
doing likewise.
        Only when the priest comes down from his temple screaming "Take Cover !
Take Cover!" there would be anything like panic.
        And even then they would know what to do. IMO Orlanthi would be just the
people to know _when_ to take cover. No, they have no hurricane shelters as
such but I would be very surprised if they had no cellars of some sort.

>You worship
>Orlanth in part to propitiate such a powerful force or to use it against
>your foes.

        That is a bit too much like Shargash IMO. Priests of Orlanth Thunderous
would use the storm against an enemy in the war, that's true, but social
purposes are at least as important.

(And by using the word Orlanthi I mean the cultural area the old
Glorantha:Genertela Box consider Orlanthi - Esrolia and Caladraland
included. Theyalans they may be for all I care. Thought considering them
all the same does not suit to my purposes, either)

Peter Metcalfe
>I prefer to think the thieves of Pavis are much less sophisticated
>and they don't have alchemists at all.
        Quite possible but they do not _need_ to have their _own_ alchemists.
Maybe they could extort "protection" from someone as a form of alchemical
tinctures or buy them surreptitiously from outsiders. "Do the gentlemen
need any money ? Maybe you could help me to smuggle my "wine" through the
port guards...?"
        Not that I meant Pavis Lambrili especially...

Andrew Bean
>Thieves Guilds would not exist for lots of good reasons already listed.
>However individual mafiosi type groups/organised crime within each
>town/city seems a certain possibility.
        Well, that=B4s what I see Lambrili to be, although in smaller places their
"organization" would be more like that of a street gang with "Boss" and
"lieutenants" and "grunts".

Oh Yes:=20
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