Lanbril Alchemists

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 04:55:12 EET

In Peters Pavis
>>And then there are Lambril gang "alhemists" (who are more like counterparts
>>to RW drug lord "chemists") that manufacture Thunder Lung Dust and
>>everything else described in Lambril writeup in the Pavis pack...
>I prefer to think the thieves of Pavis are much less sophisticated
>and they don't have alchemists at all.

        In mine, they have exactly one. I presumed the character
'SnakeFang' to be one. And he can't necessarily do all the things mentioned
in the Lanbril writeup either. And certainly not for anyone. I also assume
he wasn't trained in Pavis.
        I've often wondered exactly HOW this advanced criminal culture
managed to arise, where the thieves had their own alchemists and
artificers. I assume it must have arisen in some large urban centre where
the thieves have had it good for some time. Probably Nochet.

Andrew Bean
>Thieves Guilds would not exist for lots of good reasons already listed.
>However individual mafiosi type groups/organised crime within each
>town/city seems a certain possibility.

        I've been playing most of the Pavis gangs pretty much this way. The
Black Fang cult is certainly a lot like the Mafia.




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