Humakti philosophy debate

Date: Wed 25 Feb 1998 - 20:13:27 EET

I was going to write a long post in reply to several folk but =

Simon Hibbs said 95% of it for me and with extreme =


However I would add this based on what Greg said.

Before the Dawn the land of the living and the land of the
dead were one. During that time it was possible for
the dead to be walking with the living (note: NOT undead =

but dead - meaning severed form LIFE, not severed from
BODY (this would be body death which is different)).

When Yelm rose again then the two lands were seperated
but there are cults, places and peoples who still live or chose
to belong to the world of the dead.

For example, the whole of Alkoth and all Alkothi are in the
land of the dead and are dead. They can wander around =

and do stuff but are at one with the Land of the dead and =

the meaning of death. It has no fear for them as they are =

already there. This kind of magic kept them strong in the =

Darkness and stays with them to this day.

Humakti, on initiation also sever the life tie. They become dead
and thus lose fear of Death. However the level of "dead' that
they reach depends upon their strenght within the cult which is
determined by gifts, geases, skils, habits etc. Its feasible for a =

Humakti to be a functioning part of society but he will be less =

"dead" than a Humakti who gives up such aspects of life and
plunges firther into Death..

Humakti have no fear of Death and have NO sympathy with those
who they kill or see dying. It is their Truth and their Honour to =

accept Death as fundamental and total. They know the world
has life but they are the defining edge of Life, the blade that
says "here is where it ends and this is what makes it worthwhile"
and thus their honour is fulfilled by pursuing the ritual truth of

Martin Laurie


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