Re: Uz question

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 04:44:25 EET

PWegner suggests the Terrifying Black Could was a byproduct (ash?) of the
battle between Asrelia and Lodril during the Exodus:

That makes sense, since it was Gore & Gash that helped Asrelia and this
was their exit point (other trolls who didn't aid didn't have their
clouds, so the connection makes sense). Perhaps the trolls "summoned" it
up to provide cover when they rose up on the surface ("Yuk! What's with
all da light up here!").

Might also be caused by the gathering of a huge number of darkness spirits
as they flee Yelm (the Shadows of Shadows Dance, etc.) but I like your Ash
suggestion better. Since, of course, Uz kick ash...

>Also, where are the rules for Troll Ball?
In 3rd Edition, the rules were schlumphed off to _Into the Troll Realms_
(44-48). If you've got 2nd, it's in _Into Uzdom_, 62-64.


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