Sartarite Insurrection

From: Mikael Raaterova (
Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 10:40:24 EET

Ever wonder why the Sartarites have such troubles uniting to boot out the

It's becuase they have the People's Front of the Storm, the People's
Stormfront, Stormfront of the People of Sartar, National Front of the
Storm, National Stormfront, Stormfront (rev.), the Free Sages of the
Tempestas Populorum, Front of the People's Storm, People of Sartar's
Stormfront (non-Gagarth) and so on ad nauseam.

As recorded in the play "Life of Broyan", written by members of that
subcult of the Snakepipe Dancers, Monty Python.

Michael Raaterova

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