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Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 11:20:09 EET


Richard asks about the realistic prices for various classic RQ2
supplements, like Griffin Mountain and Borderlands...

Being a somewhat obsessive and fanatical completist, I've always
had a keen interest in keeping track of this type of information.
It may be surprising to some, but there realistically isn't a
typical price paid. Many of the sales of such items are between
friends, or friends of friends. Some people have the good fortune
to be in the right place at the right time and pick up one or more
items at give-away prices. I sold a spare Big Rubble to a friend for
about $50, which was basically what I had paid for it. I have also
seen people pay over $100 for it at auction. The first RQ Con
and the first Convulsion auctions were just about the high water
mark for prices, and most Gloranthan con auctions don't see those
prices any more. I could ramble on all day, but I'll stop and just
give you some average prices:

Griffin Mountain: $75
Borderlands: $100
Pavis: $100
Big Rubble: $80
Cults of Terror: $50
Cults of Prax: $50

One final note...

The hardest part of buying a copy is actually finding a copy that
is for sale. Even on the internet auctions, which I follow on

almost a daily basis, I only see the box campaign packs come up
once or maybe twice a year. The trend, even though the prices
should encourage more people to sell, is fewer items each year
going on the block.

If anyone really has trouble finding an item they must have,
send me an email. I can probably help.

Take Care,
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