Humakt's Severance

From: Dave Henry (thebeast@MIT.EDU)
Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 23:53:05 EET

        IMG, Humakt's severing his ties to his kin is seen differently
depending on who you are.

        The Orlanthi (being very family- and kin-oriented) see it as
being a Really Odd thing to do, but as honorable. To them, Humakt
severed his ties so that his deeds as the weilder of Death would not
reflect upon his kin.

        The Humakti, on the other hand, view Orlanth's using Death to
kill Yelm and then questing to bring him back as a Really Odd act,
typical of someone of shifting convictions. To them, Humakt severed
his ties because he preferred not to be related to anyone who was, in
his view, dishonorable. Severing his ties also allowed him to avoid
any possible conflicts of interest in administering Death.



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