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From: Hibbs, Philip (
Date: Thu 26 Feb 1998 - 22:12:02 EET

David Weihe:
>Why would Humakti CARE if their blood-kin are held
>accountable for the Humakti's actions?

The Humakti don't care, but they did before they became Humakti, which
is why they underwent the kinship severance.

I also agree with Martin Laurie, in that some Humakti are more dead than
others. The 'death' in the Initiation is mostly symbolic, allowing the
initiate to consider himself severed from kinship ties, and thus do
whatever is necessary in the service of death without fear of the
repercussions. Acolytes are fairly dead, Swords are almost entirely
dead, and that's about as dead as you can get and still walk around. Of
course, the Lunars say that this is all symbolic, and punish the
families anyway, on the off chance that someone shops the Humakti.
However, they know a lot about Humakt, and have worked out a
resurrection/reincarnation ritual that brings the Humakti back to life
as a YT worshipper. Voluntarily, of course. Or so they say. or
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