The Lanbril.

From: Simon Bray (
Date: Fri 27 Feb 1998 - 09:23:39 EET

Hi All,

 I have always imagined that the Lanbril cult that is found in Pavis had
it's routes in the Heortish city of Refuge. The corruption of the city is
noted. It has a massive underworld populace living in the sordid back
streets. There is access to alchemy and strange mechanical devices
(Whumpers etc) through the local Talari. The thief cult probably migrated
with Heortish settlers into Pavis who to the southern approach across Prax.
I think that perhaps the Lanbril cultists of Pavis are less civilized and
should have less access to the alchemy and gizmos, but make up for that
loss by having stolen many secrets from the Big Rubble over the years.

 The Fonritan thieves cults are Selarn - essentially a cult of
anti-authoritarians who always oppose the regions leaders (no matter who
the are) and the Lamsabi a complex criminal network along the Pamaltelan
Jungle coasts.

 Cheers Simon.


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