Overheard in Sun County

From: richard (richard.develyn@nwpeople.com)
Date: Fri 27 Feb 1998 - 19:57:11 EET

[second in the series :-) ]

Late in the evening a small group of baboons gathers round a fire not
far from the Sun Dome temple.

An important looking baboon speaks.

HZ: Ok, Ok, Thank You.

[noise subsides]

HZ: I would like to welcome you all to the tird meeting of the Sun
County Carnival Planning Committee. My name is Habjab Zelazi and I am in
charge of proceedings around here.

Baboon-1: Tings are getting pretty hot, Habjab man. We don't reckon The
Pike wants this carnival to go ahead. We reckon he's going to break it

HZ: Hold it one second, man, I haven't' introduced our newest, and
yellowest, recruit yet. I'm sure he's going to be a lot of help to us.

Baboon-2: How's it going Yelo, man? What's that ting round your neck?

Yelo: It's a holy relic, man.

Baboon-2: Are you sure, man?

Yelo: I got it from the Varosh, man. Yelmalio dropped it on him from the

Baboon-2: It looks like a sausage, man! It's been painted yellow.

HZ: Will you two shut up over there. There is far too much anarchy in
dis committee. We need some organization here.

[takes a long drag from a 2 foot joint]

HZ: Rizla, man, what kinda "skins" you use for these, anyway? Dis one's
got fur in it, man.

Rizla: Trade secret, man.

HZ: Ok, back to business. We need to discuss the Legalize Hazia float.
Cosmo, how's the preparations going?

Shrill voice: Cosmo's not in charge any more. I'm looking after that
float now!

HZ: What in heaven's name is that?

Baboon-1: It's Cosmo's spliff, man. It got awakened - somehow.

Spliff: That's right, chimp! We've had it up to the roach with you
flea-bitten hippies. We're going to fight our own battles now. All
spliffs are genuine Sun County residents and we've got our rights!

Cosmo [a.k.a. Spliff's Legs]: Yeah, right!

Baboon-1: You don't get much sense out of Cosmo these days. Bloody ting
never goes out (or shuts up).

Spliff: I heard that!

Rizla: The Pike'll never allow you to have that float, man. You are
dreaming, man!

HZ: Don't be such a defeatist, man. Smoking's part of the message we are
trying to get across in the carnival.

Rizla: I hope you like salt in your food man, cos you get a lot of that
where you'll be going.

Spliff: Don't listen to Rizla, comrades! We got Yelo to help us out now.

HZ: That's right, man, er, spliff. Yelo's our intermediary with The

Spliff's Legs: Yeah, right!

Yelo: I don't know, man. The Pike's in a pretty foul temper these days.
I think it's sexual tension.

HZ: Yes but he'll listen to you, man. You're an important Yelmalio
honorary initiate now.

Baboon-2: And you got your holy relic, man.

HZ: You're going to have to explain it to The Pike, Yelo. We don't want
no fighting in the carnival. Just peace and love.

Rizla: Tell him Hazia is part of our religion, man.

Yelo: What, Daka Fal?

Rizla: Of course Daka Fal, man. That god's always stoned out of his
skull. That's why he keeps talking to his relatives.

[ Spliff: Am I in Daka Fal, then?
  Spliff's Legs: Yeah, right! ]

Baboon-1: You got to do it for the brothers, Yelo.

Babbon-2: We are relying on you, man.

HZ: I know you wont let us down, man.

Evening draws on. Its official business over the committee settles down
to a night of heavy smoking.

One solitary baboon leaves the group and walks slowly back towards the
temple, the burden of responsibility lying heavy on his shoulders.

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