Prax Documentary?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Fri 27 Feb 1998 - 23:18:00 EET

I just saw an old South African documentary movie (retranslated from the
dubbed version it's "The funny World of Animals", by Jamie Uys, 1974, with
lots of comedy in the comments) on the Kalahari desert (and other places),
and couldn't help notice that the climate and most of the beasts were
directly Praxian (although buffalos instead of bisons, and giraffes instead
of alticameli). I'm faily certain that Greg must have seen this flick when
he wrote about life in Prax. Still, I heartily commend this film to anybody
who wants to add both fun and drama to his descriptions of Prax.

The film features lions (for the Basmoli?), elephants (long-nose tribe?),
baboons (especially one used by a hunter to show him the waterreservoir),
termite hills (are there such in Prax?), wart hogs, cheetahs, various
antelopes (onyx instead of sable, impalas), a honey badger, and many more.

One of the most astonishing features was the temporary lake which served as
breeding ground for thousands of pelicans. There is one such lake just north
of Tada's Tumulus, in the Bison Plains, south of Adari.

Now, since in Prax various of the beasts have intelligent counterparts,
would there be a clan of ducks inhabiting the area around that temporary
lake? Do they hide among the Sleeping Hills during the dry time? Or is this
the main newtling "renegades" territory?


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