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Date: Fri 27 Feb 1998 - 21:29:30 EET

Taking my life into my own hands I enter a debate with the Killer Kiwi.

David "False David #3" Cake
> Peter Metcalfe and I discussing the Six Legged Empire and related things
> [I said 'the Doraddi think they are progressing away from the trappings of
> civilisation, and were actually more outwardly civilised before Hon
> Hoolbiktu']
> >I take completely the opposite view and posit John Hughes 'Left Footpath'
> >tribes as the original inhabitants of Jolar.

> The Doraddi views on the progress of civilisation originate with
> Sandy, and I like them too, more than I like the Left Footpath stuff, so
> I'm sticking with it for now, at least as representing recent history.

> Certainly, I think the Doraddi were more civilised in the Second Age, and
> are deliberately less so in the Third (and claim to be much happier for
> it), and this change is a result of Hon Hoolbiktu.

I must admit that I support this view of Doraddi (d)evolution. Why would
the Doraddi be so hypocritcal? They have all these marvelous examples of
the evils of "progress" - the Artmali, 6-leggers. I can certainly
concieve of an entire culture decieving itself in this manner - I just
don't see any plausible reason why they should in this case (Occam's Razor
and all that).

I also have the ulterior motive of wanting mysterious ruins belonging to
ancestral doraddi similar to the Zimbabwe ruins and the Matopas, etc. I
can certainly see room for the equivalent of the Queen of Sheba, etc in
Pamaltelan history.

Peter, why do you see the need to believe that _everything_ that a culture
says about itself in any published sources is a lie?

The False David then goes on to discuss how Pamalt might be considered an
"Earth King" but puts it much better than I could so I'll just state my

> Richard Develyn
gives a great Sun County scene. Thank you!


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