Humakti Kin Severing

From: Pam Carlson (
Date: Fri 27 Feb 1998 - 05:51:37 EET

There were raging Humakt debates last year on the Digest, and I'd rather
not relaunch them. But there is one important and concrete reason for
Humakti kin-severing: weregild.

If an Orlanthi kills someone, their family is liable to pay the weregild,
(if anyone is strong enought to make them pay.) This would get very
expensive for a professional warrior, mercenary, or huscarl. By
officially severing his ties to his clan, a Humakti absolves his kin from
his debts. Chiefs are still liable for weregilds incurred by thier
huscarls, however.

For the Sworn-to-Specific-Vengeance type Humakti, severing kin ties makes
it easier for them to fully commit to their cause. Their former families
can certainly still carry their memories dear and seek to avenge them.

See Korol's Saga on David Dunham's Glornathan website for examples of the
many different ways Humakt is worshipped in early Dragon Pass. (Their was
ONE family that had a tradition of worshipping Humakt. It lasted two
generations and then died out violently. Funny, that...)

Pam, (wearing her Varmandi hat today)


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