From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 28 Feb 1998 - 01:53:58 EET

The Consonant Permutator strikes again:
> BTW Steve, my name is spelt Colin Phillips not Collin Philips.

I believe this is what Pocharngoist Mathematicians call an "L-preserving
transformation". ;-)

Steve Rennell, he say:
> I thought I remembered that spreading disease is one of the absolutely
> objectionable activities the Orlanthi object to

You recalled rightly! Intentionally spreading disease is one of the
rather short list of Capital Crimes for Orlanthi. (The shortness of
the list isn't all that comforting, as outlawry is much more common,
and isn't exactly to be preferred.)

> and the Humakti will never go for the ambushes,)

That's a H. geas, which you could read as meaning: if you don't have
the geas, you _can_ do it; but it's seen as more pious not to do so.

peter metcalfe explains KoS's lack of Androgynousness:
> Because the Argrath Saga is primarily about Argrath (even Sir
> Ethilrist is snubbed in a similar way) and the Composite History
> of Dragon Pass is especially about Argrath.

Ethilrist is largely a legend in his own lunchtime. I'd agree with
Steve Martin's vibes that Greg is being Deliberately Mysterious in
his omissions of Androgeus.

> There is plenty of information [about Lunar units] although it's
> unpublished (it was developed for the minatures game).

D'oh! Do you happen to know if there are plans afoot to correct this
lamentable state of affairs?



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