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From: Shannon Appel (appel@chaosium.com)
Date: Sat 28 Feb 1998 - 06:16:04 EET

Two quick bits of news.

** www.glorantha.com web pages update **

The Greg Sez! material for March is now available on www.glorantha.com.
Learn about the Blue People of Glorantha and the holy days of Ernalda.

** Online Chats **

Here's some info on online chats for March, drawn from the R'lyeh

GREG STAFFORD UNLEASHED: This month's regular AOL conference will
feature special guest host Greg Stafford, the founder of Chaosium and
the creator of Glorantha. This is your chance to ask him exactly where
the Brithini went, and what precisely did happen when Arkat and Gbaji
fought. Conference is on March 24 at 7pm PT/10pm ET in the OGF on
AOL. Sorry, AOL members only, but a transcript of the conference will
be posted to www.glorantha.com some time in April.

CHAOSIUM INTERNET CONFERENCE: And, just because we don't want AOL
users to have all the fun, Chaosium editor Shannon Appel will be
hosting an internet chat on March 9 at 6pm PT/9pm ET. You can join it
by logging on to http://www.worldwithoutborders.com. He'll be happy to
tell you about our upcoming plans or answer any other questions you
might have. Stop by the site early to set up a chat login (it just
takes a minute or two).



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