A magical taxidermy [*].

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Sun 01 Mar 1998 - 04:48:38 EET

Sergio Mascarenhas makes several very valid points about the importance
of community, personal conduct and relationship to the god, etc in casting
magic, then blows it badly by suggesting we abolish POW. ;-) I think
it's reasonable to hope that The New Game (appearing in a millenium
near you) will have a bash at addressing these concerns, and presumably
the mechanics will be much less BRPish, to the point where we may not be
quite sure if POW was abolished or not...

> a) In RQ rules, if you sacrifice for a divine spell you loose the =
> corresponding CON. Why? My proposal is: you don't. The CON sacrificed =
> for the spell is not lost. So if you have 15 CON and sacrificed 12 for =
> Lhankor Mhy spells, you still have your 15 CON.

I agree with this view, though you've misspelt "POW" rather severely.
(repeat ;-) multiply...) The big game mechanical issue, of course, is
how much good is either sort of POW for any given magical activity? The
RQ approach, that "specialised" POW is only good for casting rune
spells, and "free" POW is good for everything _but_ casting rune spells
is obviously a simplification of the True Gloranthan Picture. Instead,
it would probably be more accurate to have a sliding scale of utility
between these endpoints, something on the lines of:

        o Casting Lhankor Mhy's RM;

        o Asking Lhankor Mhy for DI;

        o defending against magical attack;

        o making a magical attack;

        o engaging in spirit combat;

        o Getting DI (or RM) from a _different_ god.

        o Casting a spell from a different "system" (e.g., sorcery).

That order is somewhat off the top of my head, but I hope one gets the
general idea. (Doubtless I missed entire categories of things RQ uses
POW for.)

The above would imply that for one thing, RQ has the two sorts arse-
backwards for DI purposes. Who ought to have the better DI chance, a
sage with POW 8, and 27 points of LM rune magic, or some stripling with

a POW of 16? (Several people have suggested over the aeons that in fact
the whole DI/RM distinction is inherently bogus, and I essentially


[*] Stuff the RQ magic system.


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