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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 01 Mar 1998 - 14:28:16 EET

Alex writes:

> RQ has [POW] arse-backwards for DI purposes. Who ought to have the
> better DI chance, a sage with POW 8, and 27 points of LM rune magic,
> or some stripling with a POW of 16?

OK: add your POW to your RunePower to get your DI chance of success on
D100. It's up to you which of the two pools you spend from on a success.
(OR: spend points on a success proportionate to the sizes of the pools).

Variant one: if you 'burn' Rune Magic for DI, it's on a one-use basis:
(i.e. gone, not coming back, not even on Holy Days or High Holy Days or
at one point per year) etc.).

Variant two: if you 'burn' Rune Magic for DI, you recover it as per the
normal rules (days of prayer; holy days; points per year; however your
campaign already works).

"RunePower" is your points of Rune Magic from the god you're trying to
coax into intervening. (Use David Cheng's mostly-fine rules from Tales
#12: this means you have the number handy on your character sheet, and
you don't have to decide which 'spells' you're 'casting' on a success).

So the sage has 35% chance vs. the stripling's 16%. And the stripling
*still* has 16% if he sacrifices half his POW for those ever-so-handy
Lhankor Mhy runespells (Quibble; Cite Source; Create Straw Man; Violate



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