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Date: Thu 26 Mar 1998 - 21:17:50 EET

Simon Hibbs proposed

> the GLs engineered a heroquest along the lines of Balastor's
> Axe, but 'fixed' it so that it was really easy, then performed it over
> and over again.

Hmm, this suggests that actually they each played in some RQ scenario where
you end up with a unique item. "Hey, how did *you* get Stormbringer? You're
the fifth guy today to walk into the bar wearing the Black Sword."

Vesa Lehtinen

> Magic is common in Glorantha, not magic swords.

In one sense, all swords are magic -- they're made of the bones of the
gods, and they were made with the aid of smithing magic.

> Only Humakti (which I do
> not see as "average") and the like are sufficiently attached to a specific
> weapon (the one they intend to awaken as their allied spirit ?) to boost
> that one.

In SFC campaigns, I try to encourage named weapons (based on Viking
sources, where most items seemed to have a name). Some are passed down from
father to son. So boosted or not, I think people can get attached to them.

When a Humath worshipper gets a sword blessed by his god, I insist that it
be named.

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