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Date: Sat 28 Mar 1998 - 06:01:15 EET

Richard Develyn:

Wants to know what other cults praxian hunters can worship:

>Waha, Storm Bull, Eiritha - fine. What about Lightbringers, Humakt,
>Yelmalio, Pavis ...

If they can worship those gods while still remaining part of their
tribe then I don't see why not.

>A couple of other questions, what do the hunters in this area hunt? Do
>they hunt only for food, or for furs, ivory, teeth, trophies, etc.

It's a way of survival. They hunt for food first and foremost. Fur
Trappers and Game Hunters are a sedentary innovation.

Philip Hibbs:

>Glorantha was orininally going to be an alternative campaign world to
>Greyhawk, wasn't it?

It was? AFAIK it was written up before D&D and WB&RM was the first
supplement published.

>I don't have my copy of Footprints to hand, but
>what sort of magic items does Harrek have? I seem to remember them being
>rather DnDish.

I don't think Harrek has anything like a Ring of 100% poison and venom
protection or a talking sword. Those were written up by Dave Hargreave
as what he thought the characters of WB&RM were like. The only item
that Harrek has for certain is the White Bearskin.

ObNitpick: the rules aren't D&D, they're Arduin.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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