French Vs USA round 2

From: Colin Phillips (
Date: Tue 31 Mar 1998 - 12:57:29 EEST


I read with some dismay Laurent Labrot missive concerning the Rick
"hermetically sealed" Meints. While I have massive amounts of sympathy
with individuals who are out there looking for RQ2 stuff.

I felt it was very much biting the hand that feeds you. Rick offered
some very good advice here on the digest to people searching for
products and I know from personal experience Rick helps a lot of people
track down treasured manuscripts they are missing.

So instead of attacking someone who is trying to help, try being polite
even if the advice is not what you want to hear. I couldn't agree more
with the idea that Chaosium should sell this RQ2 stuff as acrobat files
or plain .txt files that you download of the web, but what rick
mentioned about trawling the auctions is good advice and should be
treated with kindness. Using the argument that he from the USA and
doesn't understand European problems is insulting,derogotory, and
racist. Are you perhaps going to say my point is void because I am
English and I don't live in France. Get a life, and while your at it
learn some manners. Rick has been living in the UK for over 2 years now
and has taken a very active involvement in Glorantha, taking over from
me as designer for Tales, being one of the designers of TradeTalk
(schattenklinge) and being almost default auctioner at Glorantha Cons
and Convulsions. He also is the author of the MiG. He is out there
trying to help, you are bitching that you need to do illegal
photocopies. Grow up.

Colin Phillips

PS: Yes, Rick is my Boss, can I have a pay rise please. ;)

Colin Phillips


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