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Date: Tue 31 Mar 1998 - 21:38:37 EEST

Sandy Petersen expounds on arachnid reproduction, with an quite _unseemly_
level of glee...

> It looks a lot like fist-f**king.

You could have gagged me with a spoon. (Quite possibly yet another
Uz kink and/or safe sex practice.)

> Perhaps [Uz] males tend to bring gifts to appease potential mates.

Soitainly, and I think we also know which is the Gloranthan cult of Bondage.

And throws in some Astronomical figures:
> What I am claiming with reference to Glorantha is that Yelm is
> so far away that a person in the East Isles is not appreciably closer to
> him than a person in Jrustela. Both see the sun rise with about the same
> effects.

I believe Sandy is correct on this, having investigated just how cheesy
the alternative actually looks. (You say Mythic, I say Literalist.)
Which is not to say that someone from a Theist perspective (or anyone,
as a practical matter) experiences the Sky Dome as if it's 100,000 or a
1,000,000km high. The Sky _looks_ just like it does on earth -- let's
face it, does Sirious _seem_ to be numerous parsec away? Not a bit of
it. Someone on a HeroQuest to the sky (and let's face it, that's the
only way of getting there, almost by definition) will perceive its
distance to be something more like Nick's suggestion(s) of 50 miles or

Or put it this way: the Sky Dome is a perfect hemisphere 50 miles
high, with the Magic Property that it always looks the same no matter
where on the Inner World you are. Once you leave the inner world,
what you see likely depends, not so much on your expectations, personal
opinions, and the like (which would make many of you bilious, I know)
but on the magic you used to get there. For example, if you use Dara
Happan magic to get there, you see the sun as Yelm's Blazing Chariot,
if you use Grazer magic to do so you'll see the Golden Sun Horses of

Am I making sense to anyone, or have I just restarted the Forbidden

> Few American Catholics are aware of the fact that native African
> Roman Catholic priests are allowed to marry. It's not really a secret --
> but why bring it up?

Somewhat at a tangent, here's a method which will work regardless of
your continent: convert to Anglicanism, marry, then convert back.
(Yes, there are some married Catholic priests in Britain by (the second
half of) this mathod.)

> I bet there is a lengthy list of forbidden Babeester Gor quests, and
> that the Vangono men are watched like a hawk in Pamaltela, lest the old
> Start-A-War quest gets out of hand.

Agreed, but there are two distinct threads to this. There are quests
which are "banned" by society at large, because they involve mayhem,
criminality, or social problems. And there are quests which are "banned"
by their _own cult_, either for similar reasons (cults don't operate in
a social vacuum, to be sure), or for internal or theological reasons
of some sort. This latter sort might be thought anything from the merely
inappropriate to the outright blasphemous -- that's not a quest of the
_true_ Shargash, you're worshipping some Aberrant Doppelganger.



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