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Date: Tue 31 Mar 1998 - 21:32:50 EEST

Peter M.
> Why not call them Sedalpists?

Dave Dunham
>The thought crossed my mind, but I have intimations that not all of the
Malkioni are actually Sedalpists.
        This is certainly my belief. In fact, it is my belief that the
Sedalpists are a small minority of the Malkioni here -- maybe only
10-15% of the total population. That said, it is _also_ my belief that
they are the largest Malkioni faith! Here is my take on the situation.

        The Malkioni live in separate enclaves, each based around a
particular river, typically with a large city near the coast and then
various colonies upriver. Each riverstate is typically separated from
the others by forest, barbarians, and elves. During the Closing,
inter-communication was extremely difficult. Overland travel is slow and
dangerous, and even sailing along the coast is not particular simple.
The weather here is far from calm, and the mermen uniformly hostile.
Remember that in Genertela, except for Kralorela, the mermen are
generally friendly, even allied, with the local humans. The situation is
the opposite in most of Pamaltela, and so the seafaring experience is
quite different.
        I believe that during the Closing the religious faiths of
Umathela evolved quite differently from riverstate to riverstate. I
suspect henotheism is rampant, from two causes -- some states succumbed
to the barbarians and elves and incorporated pagan god-worship into
their Malkionism. Others managed to overwhelm and (partly) convert their
own local barbarians, turning the _barbarians_ into henotheists. Yet
others, like the Sedalpi, managed by firm faith to hold back the pagan
        I am of the belief that there are only two sects of Malkionism
which are widespread in Umathela (that is, they are found amongst
multiple riverstates). These are the Silencers and the Sedalpi, the
former because of the Silent Prophet, the latter because of the
Sedalpists success in keeping their Malkionism pure.
        Because of the general lack of contact during the Closing, and
the near-unification during the period of Vadeli control, I also believe
that the sects of Umathela are generally less hostile to one another and
nitpicky than we find in Genertela. A Malkioni from one nation would be
accepted in the chapels of another. His variances in belief and worship
would be accepted as colorful local differences, not as horrendous
heresy. This is only true up to a point of course. The Sedalpi, for
instance, are generally aloof, even hostile, to the Knights of any other
sect, though other folks' Wizards, Farmers, and Lords are usually
considered acceptable.

So what do we call the coastal people? I don't think there is a
universal term. Each riverstate has its own name, and its own faith
(typically called by the same name, since most of the riverstates were
unaware that there _were_ other Malkioni faiths until after the
Closing). For our own purposes, how about the Coastal People?

Jeff Irwin
>Subject: Sog Ruins
>What relationship does this have (if any) to Sog in Fronela? Is it an
old Jrusteli colony?
        Yes, it is an old Jrusteli colony. When it was built, it was on
the coast, but the sealine has changed since them. Sog was a powerful
water spirit which the Jrusteli worshiped/called upon. He's not really a
god so much as a tidal wave.

Richard Develyn
>Do I basically choose, for my Glorantha, whether Foundchild is a
relatively weak spirit or a full blown God?
        The God Learners say: he is an aspect of the mighty Hunter God.
His powers aren't all that strong, but are useful in a specialized
sense. Few cultures worship him as a majority cult, which lessens his
overall power, but he is one of the fundamental gods of the universe,
which is why he is found in so many forms in so many places.

RE: xeroxing old out-of-print Glorantha materials
        I hereby publicly grant permission to Issaries Inc. to xerox
anything Gloranthan of mine in print or to grant permission for others
to do so. In return, I ask for no royalties of any kind, whether or not
I'm entitled to them.
        Sandy Petersen

P.S. I realize that far more permission than my own is required for
this, but a start must be made somewhere.


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