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Date: Wed 15 Apr 1998 - 14:57:22 EEST

Nick answered a question for me and I agree with him it is an interesting
one for the

>> Just a quick question I have an Etyries Merchant in the Pavis Area and
>> our campaign is using a Roman / Lunar parallel. As such he is a member
>> of the Equites class of society, now he is looking at acquiring land in
>> the area. I have been thinking about it and was wondering how I could
>> go about acquiring such. I know about the various domains and rather
>> than seeking a full grant I wanted to grab some in the Weis domain.
>> Do you have any ideas on how to go about this.

>There's nothing "official" about my answer, and obviously you'll want to do
>something which suits your campaign needs rather than have a simple
>commercial or legal transaction. If your merchant wants to grab some land
>the Weis area, he'll need to do a deal with Duke Raus of Rone, who's the
>owner of that land, or else with someone big enough back in the Heartlands
>that he can make Raus go along with it. So assuming (for the sake of
>argument) that your chappie (who seems to be on the way up) isn't yet a big
>enough hitter to have Ministers for Provincial Affairs at his disposal,
>he'll need to fix some kind of deal with Raus.

>Now, Raus seems to operate in a semi-feudal manner -- using your Roman
>parallel, he'd be wanting to set himself up as the patron, with your
>merchant as a client. This means that he'll do a big favour for your
>character which nobody else could do -- giving him occupancy of some of his
>land -- but in exchange, you are in hock to the Dook. And when he calls in
>his favour (which he can do as often as he wants to, or as your campaign
>requires), you'd better jump through hoops to keep him happy, or you'll be
>off that land. (Linguistic note: Roman patron => Italian 'padrino' =>
>English 'Godfather'. Think of Marlon Brando, and see what you could be
>getting yourself into).

>If the Weis element of the deal was only tentative, most likely you'd be
>doing business with Sor-Eel the Short, Count of Prax and Governor of Pavis.
>This will be a typical corrupt transaction: after all, Sor-Eel wants to
>money out of his position as Governor (using your Roman parallel) -- while
>Raus is here for the long haul, and will need reliable dependents in Prax,
>Sor-Eel would want your expression of gratitude to be cash-in-hand, and
>immediate. What's it worth to him if there are folks in Prax feeling deep
>gratitude towards him, when he returns to the City of Dreams?

>Finally, if you're really into the bureaucratic rather than the
>personal-contact way of doing things, you could submit an application in
>triplicate to the colonial office, at Prax House in Glamour. (You submit
>three copies because Intriplicatos is the Lunar god of bureaucracy -- one
>copy is for you, one for the local archive, and the third is sacrificed to
>the god). Make sure you get all the details right, or your application
>be found retrospectively invalid. Actually, this could happen even if you
>get everything right, if someone who wants the land (or your hide) more
>the bureaucrats enough money. This is one reason for going through a
>patron -- people are less likely to mess with the Big Fish, but what
>to small fry who play by the rules is fair enough.

>Hope this helps. Any Qs, please ask. I would, however, suggest that this
>would have been a great question to submit to the Glorantha Daily.

>Cheers, Nick

Also a few extra questions. What sort of products would be exportable from
to the Heartlands? I have a few ideas but I would be interested to hear
what other
people think.

Cheers ADam B.


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