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Simon Hibbs

> I was re-reading the RQ3 rules the other day, and I realised that the *only*
> thing that can be done with a magic point matrix, crystal, or POW spirit is
> to power spells. You cannot top up your own MPs with it, and cannot draw
> from it during spirit combat.

Sounds right to me. (And sounds like RQ2 from what I recollect.)

> I (and IMEx most)
> normally allow them to be used as spirit combat reserves.

Never heard of this. Doesn't make any sense, any more than you could use
them to prevent being Tapped.

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> Why don't the sub-clans just split up and call themselves normal
> clans?

I run across the term sub-clan from time to time, but I've never seen a
good definition of it. (I believe they exist in Somalia, and a book on New
Guinea pig farmers mentioned the term in passing.)

Since a clan is technically a group of people who claim a common ancestor,
presumably a sub-clan is a group of bloodlines with some relationship, but
smaller than the clan as a whole? Quite possibly not viable as a clan (i.e.
can't afford to maintain priests to the essential deities, would have so
few animals that they could be wiped out in a bad year, etc.).

> IMO even in King Heort's Time, clans could defect
> from one tribe to another.

Bad King Urgrain did it (though this was before Heort). (Yes, I think Bad
King Urgrain really did exist, though perhaps not all the stories about him
are true.)

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