More God Learner

From: John Murphy (
Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 00:59:46 EEST

Sorry to go on about a touchy and much debated subject, but as a
Glorantha Neopyhte I have a question of sorts.
I don't agree with everything Richard D has been advocating in recent
posts, but the idea of worship creating Gods may have some merits?

Now worship may not create they wind, sun, ocean, chaos, tapping, or
whatever part of the natural world exists, but I do believe that it
creates the personification of that force to the worshippers.
A lot of digester would agree that Heroquesting can change the
interpratation of a deity. The way people worship a deity must have
similar influence. Thus while you may have one sun, you can have many
different sun gods. I don't think a lot of people would dispute this.
Your typical Orlanthi of 3rd age Dragon Pass would not believe or

understand this, but the God Learners did. Thats what I got out of
Richard's inital post.

My question from this how did the GLers come up with this (or whatever
great relization they had)? We know the Jrusteli philosphers had
Malkoni roots, but any speculation on what put them on the path to
Runequest sight ect.? Heroes have a big impact on Glorantha, so who
were the God Learner Heroes?



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