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Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 05:13:21 EEST

Eric asks
> Does anyone know where I can get details of the stages of the LBQ?

Try King of Sartar.

It's a bit sketchy, so I don't know if it can be called "details" but
it's the best I've found.

I've tried running a SacredTime LBQ reinactment off that description,
and hoped to have something written down with more details, but had a
really bad week at work, and ended up winging it, The Humakti Sword
representing the guardian of the Hall of the Dead really ruined their
Out of 5 PC's, 2 loved it, 2 liked it, and one felt bored...
sigh, can't please everyone.

End of Next Game Year, I'm hoping to do it again with more details
and more roles to play. If anyone has any comments or suggestions I'd
love to hear them.


One of the things that is most different about my current RQ game
from all my previous games (all using RQ2 with extras) is my
appreciation of the hero plane. Most of my players are new to
Glorantha, but the world is coming alive to them as a place where
everything is magical. I'm trying to do this by such things as flash
backs to their initiation quest, (having a party with coherant
backgrounds helps this a lot) and having people sucked onto the hero
plane at appropriate moments (They had the two humakti on guard on
the Holyday to ZZ and H, of course they'd get sucked into a ZZ
Heroplane Ritual as enemies...) and roleplaying through the
end-of-year rituals.

My biggest problem is coming up with myths for them to be part of in
their sojourns onto the HeroPlane. Anyone got any advice on where to
look? (G's "Myth of the Month" helps, but I think my game is way too
central (Olanthi Sartarite pseudo-exiles in Prax & Sartar) for most
of the info I can find... )


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