The Ages, The Godlearners

From: Richard Ohlson (
Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 07:03:15 EEST

Just a quick, and probably overly cynical question or two:

First of all, do the different "Ages" of Glorantha reflect the different "versions" of
RuneQuest? I.e. did Greg decide that the changes in the game system were so fundamental

that the actual way that the world worked changed?

Second, Godlearners: I keep getting this horrible feeling that a group of four to eight
PC's in a Greg run game just went way WAY out of hand, and the whole Godlearner Lashback
came from Greg trying to regain control of his world. Heck RuneQuest sight sounds

dangerously like "Hey, if I look in his notes, I'll know where the secret treasure room
is...and if I read about the basic nature of god X, Y, And Z, I can fundamentally alter
the univers..."

Now, I'm not accusing anybody, but it would be very interesting to know how much of the
major changes to Glorantha were actually caused by PC's doing things that Greg didn't
expect, and how much is stuff that He created out of thin air.

Heck, I'll formally declare that I believe the Godlearner Secret is "Read Greg's
Notebook." Ok, I don't really believe it, but since even the people who KNOW won't give a
hint, it's kinda pointless to argue over it. Might as well ask, "What color is Uleria's

Rich Ohlson

PS, I'm going to kill off my entire group of adventurers this, I mean,
Anybody have any new mechanics for HeroQuesting? I've discarded the concept of
"Worldgates" and jumping from world to world, though I believe that could be done, in a
limited fashion using the dreams of the dragons. However, I like the concept of
"Herogates", rituals used to enter the Heroplane. Does anybody else use a similar


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