Western Agimori

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 12:18:41 EEST

Adam Betteridge:

>Can anyone give me information about Agimor in the west, I
>recall hearing/seeing something about them living there. What sort of
>civilisation do they have? Where do they live? What sort Religion do
>they follow? Any information you can give will be appreciated.

The people you are thinking of are the inhabitants of Pithdaros, near
Nolos. They were originally dwellers from all over Doraddi Pamaltela.
At the Sunstop, they received dire omens and so constructed magical
boats that would allow them to sail to Genertela on the Other Side to
war against the Bad God.

When they arrived, they were greeted by King Ulmal of Seshnela who
told them that the Bad God was worshipped by the People of Ralios and
he too was at war with them. After several battles against the Ralians,
the Pithdarans came to realize that what the Westerners knew as the Bad
God was defeated by the Ralians eleven generations before and they had
somehow been delayed in their journey. Disgusted at the lies told by
King Ulmal, they seized the land which is now called Pithdaros and
promised to wait until the Bad God comes again. A lament they composed
is printed in 'Lords of Terror' and given some more explanations in
Drastic: Chaos.

Having cut themselves of from their native traditions in making
the journey, they had little choice but to adopt the Malkioni
Faith of their neighbours. They accepted the Creed of the God
Learners for they had been persecuted by King Ulmal and in the
Third Age, they adopted the teachings of Rokar.

Pithdaros by its location appears to be part of the Quinpolic
League of Pasos which would mesh with their historical distrust
of the King of Seshnela. I would make the land a duchy with its
Doge swearing allegiance to the Doge in Serene Nolos. They have
a good naval tradition but their squadrons have a notorious
reputation for being late.

RW equivalents of the Pithdarans would be Othello the Moor or
Leo the African.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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