Pithdaros Rising

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Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 14:15:37 EEST

>From: "Nick Brooke" <Nick_Brooke@compuserve.com>

>They arrived c.900 years ago, and are said to have been "absorbed into the
>populace". I'd assume they are largely assimilated into Western society --
>that is, they now have a Malkioni culture and religion, their wizards wear
>pointy hats and cast sorcery spells, and their knights dress up in
>hauberks with kite shields and ride around on warhorses.

OK if this is the case are they Rokari or possibly members of the Southern

Baptist Church (led by Cardinal Martinus Luther Rex II)?

>Comparing them to the Agimori back home would be about as fair as comparing
>a 16th century Englishman to a Saxon in a longboat. Though *of course*
>are whatever ethnic and ancestral survivals you require to make your games
>more interesting -- just as I'm sure there are weird ancient rituals going
>on in the backwoods of Seshnela, areas supposedly wholly Malkioni in

Blessings of Saint Babu Ulodri no!

>I think they're a great chance to:
>(1) Have equivalents to the "Saracen Knights" of King Arthur's court (Sir
>Palomides, etc.), especially if you liked T.H. White's "take" on the

Possibly something like the Moors of the Spanish Reconquest?

>(2) Either demonstrate racial tolerance or racial intolerance in the West,
>depending on your campaign needs and requirements.

Not sure which way to run with this?

>The thought that the Duke of Nolos might have a bodyguard of 7' Agimori
>knights in iron plate armour is suitably chilling, too...

Sound good to me as well.


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