Chalana Arroy Healers

Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 20:01:02 EEST

Chalana Arroy Healers

Martin Dick is wondering why there aren't a whole lot more of Chalana Arroy
healers around.

If you chose to becoming a priestess of Chalana Arroy over other cults, you
are loosing all the really spiffing magic that those other cults provide.
Specifically Ernalda, who provides those fertility spells that stop people

starving to death, and brings your family clan etc. wealth and prosperity, as
well as some quite useful healing magic as well.

In terms of clan economics, choosing Ernalda over Chalana Arroy means the clan
looses the chance of resurrecting a few, but this might be offset by having a
higher population, which might translate to more wealth, power and strength,
which might even mean fewer chances of dying in the first place.

I think a medieval analogy is closer than your modern one. After all, health
care only became so important when we became rich enough not to worry about
starving to death if the harvests fail. I wonder what GDP of developing
countries is spent on health care today? I would imagine (though I have no
idea) that it is nothing like 10%, and that is with the knowledge of how
marvelous it is.

So I guess the equation for frequency of Healers is difficult enough for one
to simply plump for the level that feels right for your game, and justify
however you want.

Stephen Lucek.


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