Sazdorf, God Forgotten

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Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 19:22:00 EEST

Good to see that while Peter and I get at each others' throats, some people
listen in.

Daniel McCluskey on Sazdorf

> The Sazdorf Trolls didn't exist at this time and their home is
> a dwarf mansion that was built during the days of the EWF.

>Not only did the Sazdorf Exist, but they were a full on tribe of Trolls,
>strong enough to claim enmity with Dagori Inkarth (from their history in
>Haunted Ruins)

I have to side with Peter. Lacking Haunted Ruins, I have to rely on the
information in RQ2 Troll Pak, which dates the formation of the current clan
to 950, but already south of the Indigo Mountains.

>The Current pathetic remnant is just a few refugees from a
>genocidal war waged by (I think) the Telmori. (no books here at work)

This much is correct. They entered in 1562 after a crushing defeat against
the Telmori.

>Close as I was able to figure it, they owned most of NE sartar (before it
>was Sartar) and held at least some of the lands N and E of the DogBone hills
>untill 1500-something.

They held the Division Woods, just east of Torkan's Last Fort.

David Weihe replies to my
>>>Quite a lot of Heortlings submitted to Palangio's rule when the Obsidian
>>>Palace and the Hendriki in the mountains held out.

>Submitted, hell. A lot of them were happy to assist, too.

True. These adopted the urban ways, served as mercenaries in the siege of
the City of Black Glass, etc.

>The ones who
>refused tended to beforced into becoming bandits in the hills, like
>Hendrik's original band, if they weren't wiped out, first. Eventually
>most of these bands re-form into the Hendriki tribe, whose resistance was
>rewarded by Arkat.

Yep. For one of my sessions, I wrote up how the Hendriki bandits marched to
the aid of Arkat, fighting off some resistance from the lowlanders and out
of the Footprint before ruining an ambush laid for Arkat by falling upon the
ambushers from an unexpected direction.

I'll have to add this to my campaign page...

>> And to punish the Heortlings for surrendering is like putting
>> France under military occupation after the second world war
>> for submitting to Hitler. Rather harsh, don't you think?

>More like placing Eastern Europe under Russian control. Romania and
>Hungary were Axis allies, so they might have deserved it, but Poland?

Think of Czechoslowakia, left to Hitler by England and France after
diplomatic exchanges...

>Maybe the Hendriki in this analogy are Yugoslavia, which didn't have
>Russian troops, but was considered to be in the Russian (OOO) Sphere
>of Influence.

Makes me wonder who was Arkat in this analogy. Stalin seems to be cast with
Kwaratch Kang...

Erich Schmidt seems to have explored God Forgot in some detail. Any chance
of learning more aobut your campaign?


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