Where are the healers?

From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 18:43:48 EEST

Healers in Gloranthan Communities

Somebody asked for ideas of how communities would alocate resources for
healers - frex, why wouldn't an Orlanthi clan spend 10% of its wealth
supporting healers, because we in the RW 1st world countries do? (f we do,
I'm not sure.)

I think that in the 1st world, we have huge amounts of surplus wealth and
time, not to mention a very high proprtion of elderly people, who receive
the lion's share of our health care energies. This is not true of most
Gloranthan cultures.

It seems to me that the greatest concentration of high-powered healers
would be found where the concentrations of wealth, power and learning are
the greatest - just like in the RW. THerefore, a tribal king might have a
CA healer, or Boldhome, Karse, several in Nochet, many cities throughout
Peloria (probably called "Erissans"), and possibly in Seshnela. These
communities have the physical and magical surplus resources to spare to
support these people.

Rural and poorer folks everywhere would rely largely on local healers;
probably people who worship the local earth deities, and may even have a
simple shrine to Chalanna/Erissa. These folk can have access to all kinds
of healing skillls and magics: (in RQ III terms:)

Treat Poison
Treat Disease
Plant Lore
First Aid
Physician (surgery)
Chiurgery (PenDragonPass)

Heal Wound
Heal Body
Restore (stat)

Mystic Vision (for spirits)
Soul Sight (for spirits)
Second Sight (for spirits)
Sprit Block, Spirit Screen, Sprit Binding rituals, etc

Formset Bone
Formset Flesh
Project Sight & Cast Light (for looking about inside bodies)
Diminish Siz (for tumors)

So, except for Resurrection and Sleep spells, other deities can provide
most of CA's benefits. That's how a community can have decent healing
abilities without a lot of CA acolyes and priest-types running around. And
since they are also initiates of Ernalda, Yelm, etc, they can have other
useful skills (ie, "day jobs as farmers"), as well.

In our Varmandi Clan in 1360, we had several Ernaldans - with good
Chiurgery and First Aid skills, and Second Sight, Spirit Block, Heal and
Heal Body spells. These women served as midwives, treated the sick and
injured, drove away evil spirits, and even went along on battles and raids
to heal combat wounds. When not healing, they would manage their steads
and keep busy in clan politics. One women, Honey Elena, was an Ernaldan
with a CA bent, and I think she had a small shrine. She was always a voice
for peace, but few listened to her. CA is a minor spirit in the Orlanth
Pantheon; Ernalda is as important as Orlanth.

The women of the clan knew several paths to healing magics. Honey Elena
learned her heal spells from a CA spirit in her shrine, and presumeably
kept to certain traditions to enable her to access that spirit. The
Ernaldans learned their heal magic from Ernalda shrines. Same magic,
diffferent paths.

The Varmandi managed quite well without Resurrection. I think they would
have found the idea repulsive, frankly. They were fearful enough of
disenterring ancestors to create a new shrine, of Dead Sister, and the
underworld segments of the women's initiation rights. Hanging out with
someone who had actually been dead and brought back would bother them a
lot, I think.

All IMO, but illustrative of Life Without Chalana Arroy -


BTW - as an afterthought, perhaps CA is worshipped more in urban areas,
because the earth goddesses are less pervasive there.


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