Re: Agimori in the West

From: David Millians (
Date: Fri 01 May 1998 - 23:18:04 EEST

>Adam Betteridge asks:
>> Can anyone give me information about Agimor in the west, I recall
>> hearing/seeing something about them living there.
>> What sort of civilisation do they have? What sort of religion do
>> they follow? Any information you can give will be appreciated.

        I'm running a game set in twelfth century Pithdaros. My Pithdarans
range from a Mediterrenean complexion through to deepest brown. They
arrived as [Invisible] God-fearing warriors to battle The Evil One, but the
Wars of Arkat, their Saint Archat, having ended centuries before, they
settled down to await the next rising of sin.

        I thought it dull to have them totally assimilated with the rest of
the West, but I wanted their differences to be somewhat subtle. We have
village churches, and we also have folk traditions similar to Vodun and
Santeria. Topped off with a host of secret societies and no centralized
leader, secular or religious, it's rich and complex.

        The Closing keeps them hopping too.

        David Millians


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