Re: RQ Sight take 2

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 00:32:56 EEST

Frank writes:

> I suggested that Illumination was similar to RuneQuest sight and should
> expect the same fate in the long run. In other words I expect the 'rules
> of magic' to change so that the perspective becomes useless, or rather,
> harmless.

RuneQuest Sight apparently arrived early in the Second Age and was utterly
eradicated at the end of that Age. Illumination, on the other hand, arrived
at the climax of Godtime (when Yelm was Illuminated in Hell), and has
survived (and occasionally flourished, under Nysalor, the Lunars, and
arguably various Kralori empires) ever since. The "rules of magic" are
taking an awfully long time, in this instance.

Possibly Illumination is inherent to Glorantha, and not a weird extreme at
all. While it's common for Orlanthi symps to see Illumination as a chaos
manifestation, something strange and exotic that only becomes manifest
through a breach of the Great Compromise, this is obviously far from being
the truth.

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