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Hi All,

 A few tidbits about the Pithdariens (as appeared in my campaign)

 I agree with Pete M. that the Pithdarien's have a strong naval tradition,
all those that my PC's encounted were sailors. I won't get into the 'what
caste are sailors debate'.

 1) My Pithdariens used falchions as opposed to broadswords, and also
favoured the spear in combat.
 2) They tattoo prayers to Malkion and the saints above their hearts,
wrists or on their fore heads, these are sometimes done using
 3) They despise chaos, and fervenlty seek to destroy it. PDP Hate Chaos
 4) They come in a wide variety of skin tones. This is due to the variety
of tribes that arrived originally to fight Gbaji and due to interbreeding.
 5) They have some very strange heraldic symbols. These include the
Oliphont, the Tytanothyre, the Hooler, the Arrow of St. Pamlay, the
necklace of St. Pamlay and the Panther Sabre.
 6) Women have a slightly stronger role than amongst normal Rokari and
there opinions are more widely recognised.
 7) However there is a more notable degree of 'witchcraft and herbalism'
recognised amongst Pithdarien women (By non local Rokari).
 8) Two of the local patron saints noted amongst the Pithdariens,

St. Pamlay
 A king amongst the Pithdariens who first interpreted that the Sun Stop
heralded the birth of evil in the world. St. Pamlay moved amongst the
people of his land and formed about himself a great army of warriors, lead
by many kings. The kings argued and would not fight together and so the
Pithdariens were delayed in their fight against the Bad God. St. Pamlay
stopped the arguing by calling together all the kings. He took off his
necklace and snapped it into many pieces, which he handed to the kings. He
then said, "You are all like beads. Each of you on your own is small, like
a bead and will not defeat the Bad God. Together you are like the necklace
a thing of unity, greater than the sum of its parts, and strong enough to
fight the bad god. What shall you be then, a bead or a necklace." The kings
no longer fought, and joined their warriors together under one banner. St.
Pamlay was also recorded to have been a great warrior, and defended his
followers against the Blue Men and the Sikkanos winds. He died defending
his ship against the White Shadow and is revered for his courage. He died
so that his people could live and dwells forever in Solace.

St. Pamlay's Blessing.
 When the blessing is invoked upon members of a caste lower than the
invoker it cause them to agree on one general subject. The number of people
affected is equal to the casters POW at the time of casting. If the
subjects of the blessing are arguing about the subject then they will cease
for one day. If however they are in physical conflict they will only stop
for one hour. During this period the invoker of the blessing may seek to
ease tensions through negotiations. It cost 4 POW to obtain St. Pamlay's


 St.Vangolodru was the bravest of the Pithdarien warriors to come to
Seshnela. He was noted as a great slayer of chaos, and prepared his people
for the fight against Gbaji. Malkion himself blessed St.Vangolodru's spear
in a vision. St.Vangolodru was tricked by the wicked King of Seshnela into
fighting Arkats Empire, but discovered the deceit and save his people from
treachery. He was slain amongst the hills of Guhan, fighting against the
last remenants of Gbaji's evil empire. His spear was carried back to
Pithdaros by a faithful monk and a cathedral was built about.

 St.Vangolodru's Blessing.
 This blessing can be place upon any weapon, but by tradition is placed
upon a spear of iron. The blessing causes the weapon to cause damage
against chaos as if affected by the Divine spell of Truesword. The weapon
is also effective against illuminates, but only if they are porved to be
so. It cost 3 POW to gain St. Vangolodru as a patron saint.

Cheers Simon Bray.

PS Bray not Hibbs, Simon not Si.


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