Re: The color of Uleria's Underware

From: Philip R. Hammar (
Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 04:46:09 EEST

Richard Ohlson asks
- ->"What color is Uleria's underwear?"

        And nearly reveals himself to be a Riddler except the answer
is so painfully "mu" because she obviously doesn't see the need to
wear any. Does exposure to this riddle reduce one's chances for


P.S. I see three potential results from pursuing this thread

        1) A lengthy debate on the nature of Sartarite, Heortland,
Pelorian, Seshnelan, Agimori, Praxian, etc. undergarments,

        2) A debate on whether the reduction of the chance for
becoming illuminated could even be a viable mechanic,

        or (the most probable)
        3) This post generates at most a smirk and is subsequently
ignored :-(


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