Belintar vesus Kitori

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Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 07:25:02 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>>>Well, IMO the lands in question had been delegated (or forcefully
>>>subjected) to Kitori rule (at least as tribute-taking bandit lords),
>>and we know that the Kitori were difficult subjects at any time.

>> The Kitori live over in the Troll Woods.

>Now. After Tarkalor and the Volsaxi and Sun Domers pushed them out of
>what remained of their lands after the Creek-Stream River had swamped
>most of the best lands north of the Plateau, and the Lead Hills covered
>more of it.

I hardly think there was good land north of the Shadow Plateau.

>> So why would the Pharaoh give the lands to the Kitori (who were not
>> subject to the Pharaoh) when he has the Uz of the Shadow Plateau?

>Would he mobilize the Uz of Shadow Plateau against the Kitori? Could he
>rely on them to keep still when human troops march against the Kitori


>> Futhermore this goes against the Pharaohs known principles of
>> governance (ie hive everything off into sixths).

>Which explains deviances like Porthomeka, Karse and Refuge, I suppose.

Karse is ruled by Heortlands, Refuge by God Forgot and Porthomeka
by Caladraland. OTOH we are talking about the Pharaoh allowing
a group that is not one of the Sixths rule people who are Esrolians.

>>>Belintar never seems to have taken great interest in the northern
>>>border before 1325, when his scouts told him that there lived people
>>>in Dragon Pass.

>> Given that he was fighting a war in 1313 to 1318 and that Dragon Pass
>> was known to be open only around 1625, that bespeaks a rapid reaction
>> time on the behalf of the Pharaoh.

>Hey, he dug the New River in 1318, meaning that he was there at that

The New River is still some distance from the Stone Cross. So how
could he have known that the Crossline was open. Even as late as
1316 (or so), everybody talked about the Colymar clan that got
eaten when trying to cross near Centaur's Cross.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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