Nochet Malkioni

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Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 06:01:39 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

Me>> "Several [God Learner] incursions [...] ranging from
>> [...] to scholarly riots (as in Nochet, in 780, 826, and 886, which
>> even spread to the capital)..."

>All it takes to make an incursion is send some propagandists to stir up
>impressible and naive scholars-in-training. Agents provocateurs. Provide
>logistic help to hothead dissidents. Worked with the Baader-Meinhof

I don't think it was like that. The impression I get is a native
Malkioni population lead by a Bishop Cyril of Alexandira figure
who incites his flock into having a pagan Hypatia figure (with
artificial beard) skinned alive with clam shells. The Baader-Meinhof
recieved heavy support from East Germany.

>> The riots were in the streets of Nochet save for one particular
>> riot which spread to the Dragon's Eye. Presumably in that battle,
>> the Lhankor Mhy were convinced by the latest God Learner leaflets
>> and started rioting as well.

>"Perhaps" all these riots were like this, and the one which spread the
>farthest was the one which touched a really sore problem?

Perhaps. I myself think these disturbances are riots between two ethnic
groups in Nochet. Historical parallels would be the Greeks versus the
jews in Alexandria, the Christians versus the Pagans in Alexandria,
the Monophysites versus Greek Orthodox in Alexandria... I can think of
a few modern Indian parallels but I think my point is made.

>> There would have to be a larger population of malkioni to support
>> all those students at Nochet Uni, methinks as I doubt native esrolians
>> are enrolled.

>Nochet Uni is the Great Library of Lhankor Mhy annex. I don't see any
>need for a Malkioni-run university in Nochet, not any more than a
>Stygian temple to LM besides the Great Library.

I've dealt with the Stygian Library elsewhere (I think it's at
the City of Black Glass). But I should point out that the God
Learners have opened a school that taught Auld Wyrmish in Nochet.
It is this school that becomes the centre of God Learner influence
in Nochet IMO and that the Great Lhankor Mhy Temple is a seperate
institution reflecting native beliefs.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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