Stygian Temple

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Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 10:26:43 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

Me>> Minaryth Purple writing in 1622 calls it the 'Stygian Lhankor
>> Mhy Temple' whereas if it were the Nochet Temple referred to, he
>> would have called it that IMO.

>You might interpret this into this mention, but I doubt your conclusions
>very strongly.

>For a start, why would Geolgin start his report for the Stygian Lhankor Mhy
>temple with a description fo the Grand City of Black Glass if it was
>situated there? Wouldn't he have mentioned the presence of LM sages in the
>city if there were any?

Why would he include a description of the City at all? He
wrote it for the rulers of Esrolia and including a description
of the wondrous city was to show that conversion to darkness
would mean an increase in cultural sophistication. As for not
mentioning the temple, the City of Black Glass is a big place.

>> Also Dagobard's Collection mentions a Nochet
>> Lhankor Mhy Temple in 1213 (when the OOO was still alive).

>Long after Esrolia had been purged of Stygian notions by the God Learner
>conquest, though.

We have no indication that the God Learners ever managed to hold
Esrolia for long. Thus I doubt the existance of a purge.

>> I think therefore the Stygian Temple was at the City of Black Glass
>> hence its name.

>The City of Black Glass is a troll city, admittedly in an impressive
>surrounding. A Lhankor Mhy temple there would need extremely hungry
>guard mantises to keep hungry trolls and trollkin from the library...

The City is a big place. I think it covered the entire plateau
and had various settlements in it like Pavis does.

>>>Don't you think that the "and contained no treachery" line is a
>>>statement like "Arkat becoming a troll was not treason, but
>>>necessary", meant to counter meaningless accusations that Arkat
>>>was a traitor to the Orlanthi cause?

Me>> Also by the time Geolgin lived, Arkat's Command had become
>> defunct and so there was little need to defend Arkat then.

>Try and mention Arkat to your average Orlanthi, and wait for the
>reaction. Usually Arkat is regarded as the remedy almost as bad as the
>original disease.

But the OOO wasn't basing the legitimacy of his rule over the
Shadowlands from Arkat then. He inherited the land from his
pop. So what need to defend Arkat?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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