Old Day Traditionalists

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 10:26:37 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>Re: Old Day Traditionalists there is something on p.95 as well (emphasis and
>comments mine):

>"The pernicious thought [to be fair, this refers to the Zistorites, not
>draconic thinking] had not taken root in the Shadowlands, _where the old
>gods fed daily with their worshippers, unpolluted by such ideas."

>Sounds like Old Day Traditionalist paradise to me.

>Minaryth Purple corroborates this in his introduction to Geolgin Askarios'
>report on the trolls:

>"Under his [the OOO's] leadership the region avoided both the invasions and
>internal excesses of the God Learners and the Empire of the Wyrms Friends,
>thereby helping preserve the Old Ways for us.

But the OOO paid tribute to the EWF. If he is helping the ODT
as you appear to be suggesting, Mr EWF is going to get very mad.
Thus I'd think the ODT were suppressed in Kethaela - much like
the Irish Republic suppresses the IRA (and associated spinoffs).

>>>We know that the people of Heortland were part of the besieging forces
>>>of the Machine wars rather than of the besieged forces.

>>We cannot be certain. The people of Dragon Pass still worshipped
>>Orlanth at this late stage

>Orlanth the Dragon(friend). While this cult was present in Kethaela
>as well, it was far from being dominant.

So why couldn't the EWF have made an invasion of the Heortland
and God Forgot in an attempt to destroy the Machine City?

>>Note that Gorings the Tap is said to have enslaved Bingista and
>>another one. Perhaps these are the patron spirits of the enslaved
>>Heortlings subjugated like the False Gods?

>Orlanth cutting Zistor open with a tool (aka Mostal) to free Bingista is a
>replay of the Orlanth and Aroka myth (probably not that popular in the EWF).

Whatever happened to the Utuma variation?

>I still can't see why the ODTs should have moved north only.

Because the OOO was a pawn of the EWF.

>>When the EWF expanded a few centuries later, the
>>leaders in South Peloria would have fallen from power and thus
>>made common cause with the Dragon Pass emirges.

>>Some conservatives could have emigrated to Kethaela but it's
>>a whole new ballgame with the OOO and the God Learners struggling
>>for supremacy.

>Not quite. After releasing the Draconic Virus, the Jrusteli aren't recorded
>to do much for the next two centuries. They aren't even mentioned in Geolgin
>Askarios' texts (admittedly on the subject of trolls, not Nochet).

Minaryth does mention that Geolgin fought in a war with Slontan

>Their contact with Balazar started after 720.

The EWF surely? You seem to mean the Jrusteli...

>BTW: Hrestol Arganitis states that the natives of the CreekStream River
>laughed at his concerns about humans being ruled by trolls. Doesn't sound
>like OOO oppression.

They were laughing for the benefit of the informers. But seriously
this is around 700 ST or so at least a century _after_ the Tax
Slaughter. The EWF would have put pressure on the OOO to be nice
to them hoomans for a change.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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