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Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 10:26:49 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>I asked why the OOO would deign to collect taxes in Dragon Pass when he
>had Esrolia conveniently at his feet.

>> Because he's greedy - he tried to gain control of Dragon Pass during
>> the Inhuman Occupation (when he already had Esrolia).

>The reports in KoS and Uz Lore name other warlords, from the Troll Woods
>btw, i.e. not directly from Obsidian Palace.

        'After the Dragonkill War of 1100 [sic - PHM], the Only
        Old One proved himself to be a troll in magical contest
        with Kajak-ab Brain Eater and so shared ruled of Dragon
        Pass with the leaders in Dagori Inkarth.'
                               RQ Companion p19.

>> Furthermore Esrolia wasn't becoming densely populated until
>> the second age.

>Sez who?

Broken Council Guidebook. The City of Nochet has not yet
achieved the distinction of being a mjor metropolis it
has now. Hence I believe the population is somewhat lower
than is now.

>The river mud might be manageable with Barntar plows.

Why use plows when you can make paddies?

>Fishing and water fowl provide additional
>sources of food, so that they didn't have to settle apart from each
>other to find optimal farming conditions [...].

Which are hardly primary sources of food.

>>> Quite a lot of Heortlings submitted to Palangio's rule when the
>>> Obsidian Palace and the Hendriki in the mountains held out.
>> And to punish the Heortlings for surrendering is like putting
>> France under military occupation after the second world war
>> for submitting to Hitler. Rather harsh, don't you think?

>Arkat was harsh, and single-minded about Gbaji.

He was also manifestly unfair in the case of the Heortlings.

>Anyway, the way he set up the command, the Heortlings had Dara Happa to
>bleed in order to pay the Command to the trolls.

_If_ true (and I doubt it), it still means that he is punishing the
Heortlings by make them subjects of the Uz.

>> [Diwan parallel noted and snipped - personally I think the tribes
>> who paid Arkat's Command had to pay it in human flesh]

>Human flesh? Bollocks, if you excuse me. Had you written this from a
>Gloranthan perspective, ok, but as a serious statement this is

Why? Surely Joerg has not heard of the tribute that the Athenians
had to pay to King Minos? And that the Uz of Bliss in Ignorance

regulated the Blood Sun rites to provide a steady supply of luxury
food. Since it is well known that trolls eat people, then what
is ludicrous about an odious tax being paid in human flesh? Why

else would the Heortlings revolt?

>>>Arkat gave them a stipend for their success against the
>>>Bright Empire, not for their (immense, compared to the Heortlings -
>>>the Trollkin Curse!) suffering from the empire.

>> Bear in mind that many heortlings once liberated (by the Army of the
>> West, not the Trolls) were only too happy to conquer Dara Happa for
>> Arkat (without Troll Help).

>They went there for plunder, just like the Praxians.

And the Praxians are not placed under Arkat's Command?

>>>This would also explain why the high kings of the Heortlings (or "of
>>>Heortland") were Hendriki afterwards.

>> What is your source for this statement? I know of no High King
>> of the Heortlings after Arkat's War.

>There was a King of Heortland, a title formerly assigned to the High
>King, and after Arkat had liberated Kerofinela and Kethaela, to the
>Hendriki king.

The King of Heortland is a seperate entity from the King of the
Heortlings. Heortland was so named because King Heort came from

- --Peter Metcalfe


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