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Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 11:01:36 EEST

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> Without someone deliberately concentrating on one set of laws or the
> other, which controls things, Mundane or Mythic? That depends on which is
> strongest. And that depends on who has been reenforcing each one. Mundane
> Law tends to win (Entropy being a part of Mundane Law!), but every act of
> magic or worship in Glorantha strengthens Mythic Law.
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> Comments? I don't *think* this contradicts anything, does it?

No seeming contradictions and a worthy theory, but it
does assume that the different laws are competing
(and contradictory). I don't think this is the case.
I think all four major world models are equally true
because they are symbolic interpretations of the real
state of affairs, which is unknown and unknowable to
the Gloranthans themselves.

All world models _explain_ the world in a workable
manner, but they _are_ not the world. In real world
physics, light can be seen as both particles and waves.
Both work in computations and both are correct insofar
that they can be used to explain the world, but neither
says for sure what light really is.

Naturalism, theism, spiritism and mysticism all provide
a consistent explanation of Glorantha which work for
their believers (giving access to magic etc.) and are
thus true, but since they are all true they must be
models, not the "real thing".
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