CA Healers

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Sat 02 May 1998 - 14:14:04 EEST

Stephen Lucek said, as a axiom from which his arguments followed:

> If you chose to becoming a priestess of Chalana Arroy over other
> cults, you are loosing all the really spiffing magic that those other
> cults provide. Specifically Ernalda, ...

Why do you think a CA initiate must lose her membership of Ernalda? I
thought the general idea was that all members of an "Orlanthi" clan are
initates of either Orlanth or Ernalda depending on their gender, with
mebership of additional cults being common. I can see that a male CA
initiate might have to leave Orlanth (or pick an Orlanth sub-cult?), as
the combat requirements for Orlanth initiates might been seen as
conflicting with CA vows. But Ernalda? Where's the conflict?

The only loss of abilities I can see is due to the CA vows. Less
fighting ability than the norm (though self-defence is allowed),
vegetarian diet (would this be a problem?), needing to keep those white
robes clean. This may be difficult for the Healer, but hardly poses much
of a burden for the rest of the clan.

Jane Williams


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