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Date: Sun 03 May 1998 - 06:11:22 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>But didn't you suggest Malkioni lords in Porthomeka?

No, I have not suggested that. I suggested Malkioni _traders_ in
Porthomeka and Esrolia much like the Jains of India. Could you
at least take the trouble to criticize what I have actually be

Me>>I don't think it was like that. The impression I get is a native
>>Malkioni population lead by a Bishop Cyril of Alexandria figure
>>who incites his flock into having a pagan Hypatia figure (with
>>artificial beard) skinned alive with clam shells.

>A native God Learner Malkioni population?

There is a Malkioni Bishop in Nochet in Vistikos's time. So what's
the problem with this?

>>The Baader-Meinhof recieved heavy support from East Germany.

>Which is what I expect the Jrusteli did with long-haired, scrawny bearded
>Lhankor Mhy fanatics who adhered to the Old Day Traditions (and had brothers
>in cults like Storm Bull, Humakt and Orlanth).

This parallel is far too modern for my tastes. Furthermore the
God Learners would have just been as hostile to the ODT as the
EWF were. I do not believe the two philosophies (one reactionary
conservative and the other radical innovative) would have found
much common ground _especially_ in light of the Draconic School
that the God Learners had there.

>>I myself think these disturbances are riots between two ethnic
>>groups in Nochet.

>I'm no native speaker of English, but to me a riot is an outbreak of
>violence against the establishment. (At least the closest translation to
>German is...)

What would you call the battles between the Reds and Brownshirts in
Berlin during the early thirties? Could you quit interposing inept

>Which is the other ethnic group involved?

Lhankor Mhy Sages. It is after all a scholarly riot.

>(but then, did Alexandria have a majority?)


>(Greek Orthodox vs. Monophysites, and why is this an ethnic and
>not a religious struggle?)

The Greeks tended to identify with the Empire and the Monophysites
tended to be more 'nationalistic'.

>But why call it a Jrusteli incursion if it were native Malkioni?

Because the rioting scholars professed the God Learner faith then.

>Why make it the Malkioni who rioted, and not Old Day Traditionalists? Where
>do you get all the Malkioni to carry the riot to Dragon's Eye?

As I have pointed out before only _one_ riot went over to the Dragon's
Eye and I suggested that this was because the native LM sages found
common cause with the God Learners and joined forces. I dislike having
to repeat myself when it was something that I wrote in the past week.

>>But I should point out that the God
>>Learners have opened a school that taught Auld Wyrmish in Nochet.

>Well, in a recent discussion I've been told that the "God Learners" who made
>that spirit raid on the cult of Drolgard weren't exactly God Learners in the
>RuneQuest Sight sense. According to that discussion the God Learner movement
>started only around 650, IIRC...

If you remembered that discussion more accurately, you find find that
I had pointed this out (as did Shannon later on) and that IMO those
people were Slontans who later converted to the God Learner faith. And
note there was a Malkioni Bishoporic there.

>>It is this school that becomes the centre of God Learner influence
>>in Nochet IMO and that the Great Lhankor Mhy Temple is a seperate
>>institution reflecting native beliefs.

>1. I'm not at all sure that the teaching wasn't done somewhere in the
>scholars' district or in the temple premises. Where else would you find a
>willing audience?

I do not believe the Malkioni to go to the local Lhankor Mhy Temple
to recieve religious instruction and scholastic teaching any more
than Jews would go to a Lyceum to read the Torah. Exhibit some common

>2. If the discussion I mentioned above is correct, there was no permanent
>"God Learner Monk" presence in Nochet, only visiting merchants.

You misremember the discussion apparently.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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